Simplicity Is Key May 9th, 2021 With over 30% of American Adults vaccinated & the 7 day average of case positivity rates falling TSA reports they are screening more passengers, week over week. For many of us, it’s been our longest absences from the friendly skies.  Let’s return to those airplanes in style.  How many… Continue reading DressingToFly

Socially Distanced RoadTrip

Home If you had told me after my first year of flying solo cross-country with a baby every 6-8 weeks  that I’d get a 10 months break from that schedule, I’d have kissed the ground you walked on.  COVID-19 Has Retaught Me The Lesson Of Being Careful What I Wish For..  January 12th, 2021 Covid-19… Continue reading Socially Distanced RoadTrip